Thursday, 19 February 2015

teen talk

what do you want to see!


first of all sorry for the lack of posts. life has been busy and i am only just now getting time to sit down and write one.

todays blog is going to be me asking you what you would like to see! even if its something more personal i would love to hear your suggestions. you can leave more than one and put them in the comments below.

thanks guys love you xx

teen talk over!

Monday, 2 February 2015

teen talk

healthy changes


in 2015 one of my resolutions was to eat healthier. i have been doing this in a number of different ways such as...


white toast - brown toast
chocolate crossiant - normal crossiant
sugary cereal - granola

.dinner & tea

you dont need to make a huge change just change other things in your diet and just et normal main meals.  (as long as its not mcdonalds or dominos every night)


crisps - nuts
biscuits - carrot sticks
sweets - grapes


pop - water
fruit juice - putting maybe a strawberry in water this way you get the flavour but not the sugar.

i hope this helps :)comment if you would like more posts like this.

teen talk over!!

Teen talk



sorry for the lack of blog im going to talk about my favourite 4 songs at the moment.

1) uptown funk by bruno mars and mark ronson!!! Omg this song is amazing. It's so catchy and is always playing in my house. I literally listen to it all the time and is a great song to sing in the shower.

2) thinking out loud by ed sheran. This is such a good song and I love the video! Tbh any song by ed sherian is good!

3) night changes by one direction. Omg one direction are so amazing and such great singers! The video is so good and they are so fit!

4) let it go from frozen! I know frozen is for like 5 year olds but I love it and I'm so exited because for my birthday I'm going to see Frozen sing along.

I hopen you enjoyed and hopefully I will have a more regular upload schedule in February.

Teen talk over!