Tuesday, 30 December 2014


whats in my cosmetic bag


In todays post I wanted to say whats in my cosmetic bag and why.

First of all I keep them in this pink spotty Zoella guinea pig bag as it is really roomy and pretty.

In the bag I have two witch products. I have the witch blemish stick and the witch gentle exfoliating face wash. These two products have both helped massively to get rid of my spots.

 The next item I have in the bag is the body shop passion fruit body butter. this is so good if you have dry skin as it moisturises them in seconds.

The next thing is the quick fix facials anti blemish mud mask. I recommend this to anyone with small blemishes as it tackles them however if you have a face full of spots it might take longer to get rid of them.

The last thing i have in the bag is the simple hydrating light moisturiser. The thing I like best about this is it moisturises your face without making it greasy.

please note this is not sponsored. all opinions are mine and everything was bought with my own money

Thank you for reading 
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  1. i love Zoella, i prefer her blue bag though xx