Thursday, 8 January 2015

teen talk

annoying things about school


today i'm going to talk to you about annoying things about school. i feel like when you go back to school after a great holiday all the annoying things about school seem to stand out even more so i thought i would do a post on it. btw i'm going to be doing a current favourites post but its just talking time to write and i thought as a post is due id do this.

1)people who walk mega slow in the hallways. its not just that but usually they are in massive group blocking the WHOLE hall!! they don't pay any consideration to the fact that you've got to walk from one side of the school to the other.

2)teachers who tell you to be quiet and get on with your work but they talk the whole time your doing it. they are like 'actually i just want to distract this person so i can make them not finish and have them in for lunch'.

3)people who walk around and think they're 'it'. like move out the way because i'm on the wrong side of the hall and more important than you.grrrr.

4)when you hand in homework late and the teachers act like its a crime but then they don't mark your book from the work you did a month ago.

5)when people hang around at the toilets. i mean 
1)its unhygienic
2)it makes you feel uncomfortable 
3)they block the whole bathroom.

that was just 5 of the things that annoy me about school (my list could go on forever). i hope you enjoyed it. i would love to hear some of yours. 

teen talk over.


  1. Replies
    1. Omg Thankyou so much I love yours 3!!

    2. Awh thanks have you been reading it? You should make more blogs. x

    3. Yep! And I love it xx about to write a post now!