Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Teen talk

Random chatting!!


Sorry! I have already failed at doing 3posts a week on my blog. I'm gonna try it again in February as I go on a week school holiday so I might be able to get some written then. I'm sorry that I was such a fail for this month but it was hard and school has been stressful. 

Do you have any suggestions of what blog posts you want me to do? Such as school survival bag which I'll probably do any way.

I also wanted to say Thank you to http://teenagesymptoms.blogspot.co.uk/ as she has been so supportive and helped to build my confidence that this blog is interesting. So please go check out her blog as its AMAZING!! 

Sorry for the random and rubbish blog but love you xx

Teen talk over


  1. Awh, thank you! Hehe! Were like blog bffs! and yeah you should do a school survival kit or maybe what to do in embarassing situations, or like how to act around a boy you like! xxx

    1. It's ok and yeah we're like besties. I'll try to do them xx

  2. No problem I look forward to more posts :)
    Another Teen On The Web