Sunday, 18 January 2015

Teen talk

School essentials


In a recent blog post I mentioned a school survival kit so in this post I'm going to make it a little different and do my school bag essentials.

1.lip balm. OMG! As we are in winter my lips have been getting so dry so I will always carry a lip cream. I recommend the Papaya gold paw paw lip balm which I purchased from tesco. phone. This is kind of obvious but I wouldn't be able to live without it. We're not aloud it out but I still bring it for on the bus.

3.feminine products. You know what I mean. Just in case you start of you have started. purse. With money in because you never know when you need money. 

5.a small perfume. after p.e when you smell you will be saved. i would die without it.

6. a note book. especially if you have a blog. ideas can come at the weirdest time and its nice to not have to worry about forgetting them.

hope this helps. :)

teen talk over